Chasing Cars

Although it really feels like Summer has finally arrived, Bangkok has been hit with ‘Operation Shutdown’, which should be more aptly titled traffic armageddon, the longest car jam that has seemed to infiltrate the whole city for a week. I was hoping to do more things this summer and take advantage of the weather thanks to the comments from my sweet readers but I’m writing this while under house arrest. I’ll be fully preparing for the arrival of a scorching summer once the situation cools down. I hope everyone’s having a great start to the week! 1. Gifted nail polish from Workshop, you can purchase here 2. Donuts + Hoegaarden Beer 3. Rainbow Dominos 4. Nala ‘helping’ to fold the laundry 5. My morning view and the pink bricks of this house I’ll miss when I move.

Nail-Workshop Donuts-Beer Dominos-Day Pug-Laundry Pink-Roofs


Classic Comfort

Whenever I’m in need a bit of inspiration or feeling unproductive, I turn to Cameron. She offers wonderful inspiration in a completely new light and I’m always reminded of those little pleasures that I tend to overlook. This week I’m trying to focus on classic comforts and these pictures currently revolve around a few of my favorite things.  1. Clothing details 2. Having the ultimate french toast at Brooklyn Parlor 3. My sunglasses in a row 4. A must catch up on style 5.  Books I plan to reread 6. Summer flowers on the sidewalk

DSC04156 photo_Fotor Shades Magazine ReadingBooks Flower