Hot Child in the City (and Beach)

It’s a bit cold this December in Thailand and I haven’t left home without wearing multiple layers. I thought it would be over for good, however, I was wrong. This past week, we made several trips out including the beach and the Sansiri Winter Market Festival, which was an accomplishment in itself. My boyfriend and I also ducked into a quaint cafe here. I didn’t pay any attention to the vintage shops but had some luck snagging some seasonal plants with some good grub. The hot tub, candles, and warm soup sound equally appealing during this week. I’m starting the work day early with a bunch of meetings and have some reading and writing to catch up on before Christmas and the New Year’s. Let the countdown begin! I hope everyone is staying warm!

DSC04250 DSC04297 DSC04345 DSC04363 DSC04367


Giving Thanks


Despite the political instability and rainy weather in Bangkok, I’ve been following my friend’s travels in Hungary and I swiped this picture (@lionchrome00 Dee oppa, please don’t kill me!). I thought it served as a great segue into Winter with the anticipation of Christmas building up. As is tradition to say what you’re thankful for, I had a great thanksgiving surrounded with bountiful food, the best company, and a bit of appreciation. Although quite loud and long (Bangkok has bought every whistle in the country for the protests), this year I am still happy for little things such as the hot tub, a warm bed, this cocoa, a loving boyfriend, and the people in my life.

And in the words of the Dalai Lama, ‘Compassion is not a sign of weakness, but a mark of civilization’. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. xo

Classic Comfort

Whenever I’m in need a bit of inspiration or feeling unproductive, I turn to Cameron. She offers wonderful inspiration in a completely new light and I’m always reminded of those little pleasures that I tend to overlook. This week I’m trying to focus on classic comforts and these pictures currently revolve around a few of my favorite things.  1. Clothing details 2. Having the ultimate french toast at Brooklyn Parlor 3. My sunglasses in a row 4. A must catch up on style 5.  Books I plan to reread 6. Summer flowers on the sidewalk

DSC04156 photo_Fotor Shades Magazine ReadingBooks Flower