Current Covet: Leather Citybag

No surprise why this bag is so popular. One of the hottest pieces this season, I love the exposed zipper, the construction, and buttery texture of Zara’s leather Citybag here with its fold over flap. It could be the most perfect catch-all bag I have ever seen, which can be thrown over your body or carried with its sturdy handle. I could fit in a bunch of magazines, a half eaten bagel, as well as my technology equipment such as laptop, camera, and iPad altogether. It’s professional yet also surprisingly playful at the same time with its tassel and the sweet color. CurrentCovet_Zara-CityBag

Ps. Here’s an alternative from Zara if it’s since been sold out.


Dog Days of Winter

I always get reflective this time of the year, this being the last week to end 2013. Bangkok truly feels like home and I couldn’t ask for anything else. It’s a great place to live during the holidays and I’ve been living on cider (read: Beer) and hot dogs. A bit like a frat boy? Absolutely. Here are some things that made me happy. 1. Seasonal candies and love this quote on the note. 2. A cute way to enjoy McDonald’s. 3. I went with toffee apple. 4. Shades + Coffee 5. My mom’s necklace that she gave me.

GoodThingsAreGoingToHappen McDonalds-BowPremium-Cider-Toffee-AppleCoffee-Shades-Boat-MarketNecklace-Hat

Falling for Fashion: Part 3

I love the holidays associated with winter. But the accompanying cold? Not so much. And whilst I love curling up in bed with my lazy-outfit (aka onesies), I love running out the house with layered staples such as a warm sweater, boots, and tights. Thanks to these stylish ladies, I’m excited to experience a bit of winter, which Bangkok weather is actually feeling like right about now minus the whole dandruff-esque snow effect thingie on your hair. Ps. You can see the previous picks here and here I did on this topic.


I would love jetting around the city with this suit blazer.


This gold feather headband is a nice change to accessorize your outfit.


Wonder how to layer your staples? Plus the leather leggings look so chic.


I wouldn’t mind wearing everything from this black and white outfit.


This pink cocoon coat is everything. Without being too pretty.


On the hunt for a cable knit sweater and this outfit would be the one for me.

Hot Child in the City (and Beach)

It’s a bit cold this December in Thailand and I haven’t left home without wearing multiple layers. I thought it would be over for good, however, I was wrong. This past week, we made several trips out including the beach and the Sansiri Winter Market Festival, which was an accomplishment in itself. My boyfriend and I also ducked into a quaint cafe here. I didn’t pay any attention to the vintage shops but had some luck snagging some seasonal plants with some good grub. The hot tub, candles, and warm soup sound equally appealing during this week. I’m starting the work day early with a bunch of meetings and have some reading and writing to catch up on before Christmas and the New Year’s. Let the countdown begin! I hope everyone is staying warm!

DSC04250 DSC04297 DSC04345 DSC04363 DSC04367

Giving Thanks


Despite the political instability and rainy weather in Bangkok, I’ve been following my friend’s travels in Hungary and I swiped this picture (@lionchrome00 Dee oppa, please don’t kill me!). I thought it served as a great segue into Winter with the anticipation of Christmas building up. As is tradition to say what you’re thankful for, I had a great thanksgiving surrounded with bountiful food, the best company, and a bit of appreciation. Although quite loud and long (Bangkok has bought every whistle in the country for the protests), this year I am still happy for little things such as the hot tub, a warm bed, this cocoa, a loving boyfriend, and the people in my life.

And in the words of the Dalai Lama, ‘Compassion is not a sign of weakness, but a mark of civilization’. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. xo

Bit Strips

Happy December! While I’m still recovering from an undisclosed amount of food (I’m not ashamed to admit my appetite rivals Joey and I might have needed these), I’ve been wasting time on this highly addictive Facebook app, BitStrips.

I played the violin and piano in band class but I always secretly wanted to be the band leader.


One of my greatest loves.


Happy Thanksgivukkah!


Today, I’m messing around with Kanye West and starting a Twitter war.

Bored and would like to waste some time? Head on over to create your own cartoon version and mess around with Kanye West and Justin Timberlake as well as starring your friends in the strips. (I never get bored of my personal comic strips that’s newly created everyday).