7 Things


7 random things about me:

1. I get overly excited when festive snacks arrive for the holidays.

2. English is my mother tongue. I have a slight Californian accent.

3. I’m left-handed in everything except for writing.

4. I spoon feed myself and eat Nutella straight out of the jar.

5. I was a tomboy as a child. I liked to wear firefighter trucker hats, which felt particularly special. When I was 17, I pierced my belly ring to feel like a hippie. Now, I’m a PR girl and before that I was Andy from Devil Wears Prada Burberry.

6. I trimmed my pug’s whiskers when she was a baby. She didn’t wobble and they grew back.

7. Love: Lists. Hate: Bad grammar.

{I am tagging the powerful Anna of the amazing blog Bangkok Girl}


Grey’s Anatomy

As of late, I have been going through a heather grey phase and all my pictures seem to center around the cozy color. I got to experience an early season heatwave since Bangkok is becoming warmer and spent time moving to a new home, jewelry designing, relaxing with family, and peppered in with a few business appointments with friends. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to meet up with some fellow Bangkok ladies I met through social networks, funnily, you think you’ve met everyone possible but surprisingly there’s always more ridiculously amazing individuals with common similarities. I hope it becomes more regular. I love Bangkok. Hope everyone has a great week! x

DSC04598 DSC04601 DSC04617DSC04650 DSC04647

Eye Essentials


For me, I love the process of wearing make up and eye shadow application just as much as getting ready to go out and celebrate the event itself. I am definitely not gifted when it comes to make up removal but have since mastered the process with this product. I grudgingly used to wash my eye lids over and over again while paying high money for all products and always feeling disappointed. Now I am fully blown away by this recent discovery a la Body Shop, the Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover that costs less than $20. This miracle in a bottle works instantly in the blink of an eye before I retire for the night in bed.

Chasing Cars

Although it really feels like Summer has finally arrived, Bangkok has been hit with ‘Operation Shutdown’, which should be more aptly titled traffic armageddon, the longest car jam that has seemed to infiltrate the whole city for a week. I was hoping to do more things this summer and take advantage of the weather thanks to the comments from my sweet readers but I’m writing this while under house arrest. I’ll be fully preparing for the arrival of a scorching summer once the situation cools down. I hope everyone’s having a great start to the week! 1. Gifted nail polish from Workshop, you can purchase here 2. Donuts + Hoegaarden Beer 3. Rainbow Dominos 4. Nala ‘helping’ to fold the laundry 5. My morning view and the pink bricks of this house I’ll miss when I move.

Nail-Workshop Donuts-Beer Dominos-Day Pug-Laundry Pink-Roofs

End of Winter

Outfit_5 Outfit_3 Outfit_2

This is the probably the first time I’ve ever worn shorts in January, but they’re perfect for those bright days and it’s getting just hot enough. These are absurdly short but when paired with a button down, it’s stylish. My current favorite elements are the messenger bag, sparkly sunglasses (an Xmas gift from my boyfriend), and orange nail polish. I just will need some fruity sorbet and white summer flowers.

Outfit_1Forever21 Blouse, Miu Miu Sunglasses, Topshop Shorts, Nine West Heels, H&M Bag, Revlon Siren Nail Polish

Ps. Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about my necklace give-away. Congratulations to Krystin, of the lovely blog, Girl in Betsey.

Cameron with Chocolates Giveaway

As some of you already know, this blog has become one of my biggest joys in life and you’ll never know how thankful I am to have such incredible readers. This January will mark the one year anniversary of Cameron with Chocolates and I’m featuring one of my necklaces on today’s post, which is one of my favorite jeweled pieces that I designed. To enter the giveaway, simply leave one comment below by Sunday January 6th. The winner will be selected randomly and I’ll make an announcement on this Monday’s post. Thank you for helping to make my first year so special! Update: This giveaway has been extended.


Holiday Glow


{Street Christmas Tree – enhanced with a G+ photo technique}

Lately, I’ve been enamored with the twinkling lights, scents, and the sounds of Christmas. Not to mention, I’ve watched every movie possible (Bridget Jones, Love Actually, Home Alone, Family Man, etc). This year our home is a bit slow being done up in holiday decorations, which is why I plan to make up for it by making a big breakfast for Christmas morning.  I can’t wait for the chilly weekend and New Year’s as well.

I hope everyone has a delightful one and I’ll be back this Sunday Monday with a special giveaway. x