Home (DIY) Details

One of my favorite past times is DIY and reinventing space in small areas of our home. We have all the essentials in our place like a desk, dining table, basic furniture, and book shelves but I love the idea of rearranging furniture to get you motivated and I was up for the fun challenge.


We have a white little loft where I placed a shoe box inside that was attached with a sentimental/inspirational letter inside and another DIY painted gold plastic cat, which Luna mauled.


That framed art piece does not belong to me but it’ll live with us in the bed room until I find a suitable area that’s not cramped.


The bed side required a table where I plan to track down a vintage and rustic lamp.


Also, I added some wire baskets to organize the bookshelf with some personal touches. For those of you that noticed the owl, I spray painted the adorable guy black with a spray can. He now hangs out at the top shelf.


My boyfriend was kind enough to share the closet and shoe rack with me to accommodate my endless collection/obsession.


With the silver vintage pale in our living room, I opted for Martha Stewart’s metallic gold, which required minimal effort in no time to paint. I have still yet to decide what other details to add but our home feels much more cozy and relaxed.


Our dining area is a bit long and narrow so I added a rickety side table and managed to transform it by simply putting a sleek marble slab atop to fill  up the empty spot. Our pugs haven’t eaten the tulips yet. My next project will be to focus on the office space and am still on the hunt for some unique art prints and photography.


Lessons in Death


It’s been over two months since my mom passed away. We were all shaken up as it came as an unexpected blow. I had to accept the fact that death is final although too early and sudden – nobody was prepared. I looked up to my mother in many ways and I remember all the sweet memories as much as I can. Maybe it’s from her strength, I am able to continue and smile back on all the good times. My family always relied on my mother and it’s this dependency that we took her for granted. Because she loved so much, she had an inherently guilty conscience, always wanting to do more, and a trait I acknowledge and exhibit. Change doesn’t happen quickly but I know my mother would have wanted me to live a life without guilt, with happiness and asking others for help. I love her and I miss her. Oscar Wilde captured my good-bye eloquently when he wrote….

“Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one’s head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday, and no to-morrow. To forget time, to forgive life, to be at peace.”

Holiday Glow


{Street Christmas Tree – enhanced with a G+ photo technique}

Lately, I’ve been enamored with the twinkling lights, scents, and the sounds of Christmas. Not to mention, I’ve watched every movie possible (Bridget Jones, Love Actually, Home Alone, Family Man, etc). This year our home is a bit slow being done up in holiday decorations, which is why I plan to make up for it by making a big breakfast for Christmas morning.  I can’t wait for the chilly weekend and New Year’s as well.

I hope everyone has a delightful one and I’ll be back this Sunday Monday with a special giveaway. x

Hot Child in the City (and Beach)

It’s a bit cold this December in Thailand and I haven’t left home without wearing multiple layers. I thought it would be over for good, however, I was wrong. This past week, we made several trips out including the beach and the Sansiri Winter Market Festival, which was an accomplishment in itself. My boyfriend and I also ducked into a quaint cafe here. I didn’t pay any attention to the vintage shops but had some luck snagging some seasonal plants with some good grub. The hot tub, candles, and warm soup sound equally appealing during this week. I’m starting the work day early with a bunch of meetings and have some reading and writing to catch up on before Christmas and the New Year’s. Let the countdown begin! I hope everyone is staying warm!

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