Since there’s almost always a high chance of rainfall in Bangkok these days, naturally I pull out my umbrella, boots, and chunkiest knits and surround myself with warm comfort foods. Living in a climate that has a wild and crazy rainy season is lovely for the most past, though I’d be appreciative if I hadn’t caught a gnarly cold. I managed to take some pictures in the house that make gloomy days colorful and bright and made it back at home after dinner (hot pot soup) just before the second downpour of the day.

DSC05612 DSC05235 DSC05476 DSC05581 DSC05408


Red Velvet Swirl Brownies


So I watched “Carrie” last night and I knew I would find this recipe immediately tempting after searching online here. It’s a very “bloody” dessert, which I’m a big fan of. The recipe is pretty straightforward and simple and my first batch deemed very successful, I’m basically convincing myself to open up my own cheesecake factory. It didn’t take me a while to make but this one pretty much tops my list of cream cheese desserts, fluffy, cake-like, and the creamy top balances out nicely with the brownie at the bottom.

BloodBrownie1 BloodBrownie2 BloodBrownie3 BloodBrownie4

Chasing Cars

Although it really feels like Summer has finally arrived, Bangkok has been hit with ‘Operation Shutdown’, which should be more aptly titled traffic armageddon, the longest car jam that has seemed to infiltrate the whole city for a week. I was hoping to do more things this summer and take advantage of the weather thanks to the comments from my sweet readers but I’m writing this while under house arrest. I’ll be fully preparing for the arrival of a scorching summer once the situation cools down. I hope everyone’s having a great start to the week! 1. Gifted nail polish from Workshop, you can purchase here 2. Donuts + Hoegaarden Beer 3. Rainbow Dominos 4. Nala ‘helping’ to fold the laundry 5. My morning view and the pink bricks of this house I’ll miss when I move.

Nail-Workshop Donuts-Beer Dominos-Day Pug-Laundry Pink-Roofs

Hot Child in the City (and Beach)

It’s a bit cold this December in Thailand and I haven’t left home without wearing multiple layers. I thought it would be over for good, however, I was wrong. This past week, we made several trips out including the beach and the Sansiri Winter Market Festival, which was an accomplishment in itself. My boyfriend and I also ducked into a quaint cafe here. I didn’t pay any attention to the vintage shops but had some luck snagging some seasonal plants with some good grub. The hot tub, candles, and warm soup sound equally appealing during this week. I’m starting the work day early with a bunch of meetings and have some reading and writing to catch up on before Christmas and the New Year’s. Let the countdown begin! I hope everyone is staying warm!

DSC04250 DSC04297 DSC04345 DSC04363 DSC04367

Peppermint Brownies

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I’ve always loved the flavor combination of peppermint and chocolate. I didn’t use a recipe this time but a box mix is so simple to follow and I finally got the chance to crush the peppermint candies (excessive banging with a hammer, anyone?) I’ve been saving since I’ve had a ridiculous craving for peppermint. It was supposed to end up chewy and crunchy but the center was gooey; in other words, fudge brownies. It was a heavy treat but entirely worth it. Next time, I’ll ditch the idea of candy in lieu of some fresh raspberries and rum.


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The Best Chocolate Lava Cake Ever

It’s no surprise that I can narrow down my favorite dessert to a molten chocolate lava cake (hence, the blog name). The seductive and rich dessert takes merely minutes to bake (most simple recipe of my life) and requires a handful of ingredients. Are you kidding me? For someone who doesn’t have any patience and the messiest organization skills, I had to give this recipe a try. In miniature ramekins, they were even more adorable and the center was a hint of magic leaving me wanting more. I whipped this up for me and my boyfriend. To my delight, he enjoyed it down to the last bite. We saved two for tomorrow (I made them in advance and refrigerated the little beauties) as well and it will taste even better the next day.  Small note: Make sure to flour and butter the moulds generously or they may not fall out easily onto the plate. I guarantee they are impossible to mess up since the center is supposed to be half baked.