Home (DIY) Details

One of my favorite past times is DIY and reinventing space in small areas of our home. We have all the essentials in our place like a desk, dining table, basic furniture, and book shelves but I love the idea of rearranging furniture to get you motivated and I was up for the fun challenge.


We have a white little loft where I placed a shoe box inside that was attached with a sentimental/inspirational letter inside and another DIY painted gold plastic cat, which Luna mauled.


That framed art piece does not belong to me but it’ll live with us in the bed room until I find a suitable area that’s not cramped.


The bed side required a table where I plan to track down a vintage and rustic lamp.


Also, I added some wire baskets to organize the bookshelf with some personal touches. For those of you that noticed the owl, I spray painted the adorable guy black with a spray can. He now hangs out at the top shelf.


My boyfriend was kind enough to share the closet and shoe rack with me to accommodate my endless collection/obsession.


With the silver vintage pale in our living room, I opted for Martha Stewart’s metallic gold, which required minimal effort in no time to paint. I have still yet to decide what other details to add but our home feels much more cozy and relaxed.


Our dining area is a bit long and narrow so I added a rickety side table and managed to transform it by simply putting a sleek marble slab atop to fill  up the empty spot. Our pugs haven’t eaten the tulips yet. My next project will be to focus on the office space and am still on the hunt for some unique art prints and photography.


Being Bangkokian: Storia


Having lived in Bangkok for over a decade, it’s such a fun city for shoppers to discover little gems. There’s a wide variety of shops for out-of-towners and Bangkokians whether it’s high end jewelry or cheap cute sandals, and of course lots of great restaurants and street food. I’ve decided to create a new series that showcases my favorite activities in the city. Instead of visiting the same tried and true shopping malls, our footsteps led us to the boutique mall, 8 Thonglor, after dropping off our daughter pug at the vet. I discovered Storia there and am completely obsessed. It’s a home goods store (been around since 2011) where warm tea awaits the modern day English gentleman (Sartorialist-esque pieces anyone?) stocked with vintage-inspired furniture, office supplies and stationery, cute glasses, dainty jewelry, posters, and bags. It’s become one of my must-visit stores for its souvenirs and gifts, although my boyfriend was uncomfortably surprised by the price of the toothpaste there. Do you have a favorite store?

BagHanger UnoChairSeashellCandlesCupsStationaryholder

1. I usually put my bags in the closet or on a shelf, but this is a sweet key knob to hang one out. This would be an organized way to display them all. 2. Striped fabrics on a vintage chair with mixed bags that keep it from feeling awkward. Just one of the few chairs I coveted 3. This seashell-disguised box that stores butter and jam (equipped with a knife and glass petri dish!).  4. I love the  candle-filled table and the black jars in red wax seals (Diptyque! Le Labo! among complementary scents/perfumes). 5. Adorable cups stamped with ‘IF’ and ‘LOST’ that are perfect for tea/coffee/hot chocolate. 6. Sweet pencil holders for the desk. For directions + interesting pieces, check out the Facebook store here.