Eye Essentials


For me, I love the process of wearing make up and eye shadow application just as much as getting ready to go out and celebrate the event itself. I am definitely not gifted when it comes to make up removal but have since mastered the process with this product. I grudgingly used to wash my eye lids over and over again while paying high money for all products and always feeling disappointed. Now I am fully blown away by this recent discovery a la Body Shop, the Camomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover that costs less than $20. This miracle in a bottle works instantly in the blink of an eye before I retire for the night in bed.


Chasing Cars

Although it really feels like Summer has finally arrived, Bangkok has been hit with ‘Operation Shutdown’, which should be more aptly titled traffic armageddon, the longest car jam that has seemed to infiltrate the whole city for a week. I was hoping to do more things this summer and take advantage of the weather thanks to the comments from my sweet readers but I’m writing this while under house arrest. I’ll be fully preparing for the arrival of a scorching summer once the situation cools down. I hope everyone’s having a great start to the week! 1. Gifted nail polish from Workshop, you can purchase here 2. Donuts + Hoegaarden Beer 3. Rainbow Dominos 4. Nala ‘helping’ to fold the laundry 5. My morning view and the pink bricks of this house I’ll miss when I move.

Nail-Workshop Donuts-Beer Dominos-Day Pug-Laundry Pink-Roofs

How To: Nail Polish Strips

A few days ago, I saw a girl at my office building wearing the prettiest sparkly graphic nail polish. I was so enamored I asked her if she went to a nail salon or did it herself. Turns out they were nail polish strips sold one floor below me right next to the villa grocery store. I couldn’t have been more excited and immediately after finishing my lunch, I bought myself these festive nail polish strips. I’m convinced I will be wearing these instead of visiting the salon and the best part is it comes with a mere 30 baht price tag. Here are professional instructions that are easy to follow for nail polish strips without the smudging and zero drying time.

NailStep1 1. Pick the nail polish you want for your fingers with the proper tools.

NailStep2_Fotor 2. Select the size that fits your nail and gently remove the nail wrap. Position the strip and place the rounded side at nail base sticky side down.

NailStep3 3. File the nails along the edge. This removes any excess nail wrap nice and clean.

NailStep4 4. Firmly smooth the nail surface until wrinkle free.

NailStep5 5. Snip away ridges with a cuticle scissor and clean up any mistakes. Nothing appealing about a messy finish.

NailStep6 6. End Result: Nail Polish Strips.

5 steps, 10 minutes: Dewy Look

I asked readers and my friends which make-up look they would like to master most. There were several such as natural, smoky, golden, winged, and what not. The one that popped up the most was the dewy look. I couldn’t have agreed more. With a new season, new trends emerge but I always stick to a simple beauty philosophy, natural, healthy, and positively radiant. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to achieve this effortless look.


1. I apply this tinted moisturizer that goes on smoothly and sometimes I even forget I have it on. It’s natural and fresh without being caked. (Estee Lauder’s Invisible Fluid Makeup, Hydrationist Moisturizer) Blend.


2. A good bronzer takes away any blemishes and redness on your face and leaves it radiant and tan. Swipe across face with a brush. I use this one.


3. I use the blush powder on my cheeks to have a rosier effect that doesn’t leave it too pink. (Benefit Cosmetics, Coralista)


4. Highlighter can make a big difference and gives you a radiant sheen. I apply along the bridge of my nose, cheekbones, brow bones and inner corner of the eyes. (Benefit Cosmetics, High Beam Highlighter)


5. Mascara to make your eyes bright-eyed and bigger. It’s a critical component in my bag since my eyes are small. (Benefit Cosmetics, They’re Real! Mascara)


7. End Result: Dewy look.

Next: Smokey Eyes. Thanks to my sister Heidi for the suggestion!

Hoola Dreams

There are times when a product merits a blog post. The Hoola Bronzer is one of them. I have had a love affair with benefit for as long as I can remember for their adorable presentation and packaging. The Hoola really sets itself apart from other bronzers by enhancing the cheekbones subtly and giving off the I just-returned-from-the-beach vibe fresh and glowing. I am happy to report that benefit outdid itself again and this will be my go-to bronzer for a bright and easy daytime and evening look.


Beauty Essentials

A few weeks back, I learned the meaning of true skincare with a tutorial at Shu Uemura, Estee Lauder, and my boyfriend who was up for the challenge to accompany me on a professional make-up blow out tour.  Thailand is humid and hot all year long so I went with a summer beauty regimen for this post. Now my personal beauty goal is to maintain fresh faced, healthy, and hydrated skin as I approach 30!

EsteeLauderEstee Lauder Advanced Repair for face and eyes + Foundation + Concealer

It’s safe to assume that I’ve been neglecting skincare for sometime and I took it for granted (who else doesn’t wash their face before bed? Embarrassing but true). Even my boyfriend is creeped out that my skin will be turning bad. After switching from several products (my drawers are piling high x 5 with make-up), I decided to showcase some cosmetics that are more appropriate for my skin type.


1. Cetaphil – It’s the best for sensitive skin and an easy and affordable cleanser.

2. The Body Shop’s Skin Primer Matte It – I apply this primer before the foundation to keep my skin safe from the make-up.

3. Estee Lauder’s Hydrationist – Before the make-up base, this moisture creme keeps my skin dewy.

LipCareLip conditioner is just as important. The sales lady literally told me I had the driest lips and they needed some serious care. Find a few that work for you with the rainbow of colors out there.

1. Chanel’s ‘Sari Dore’ – Also doubles as a moisturizer and adds the right amount of coral color to my lips.

2. Revlon ‘Coral’ – This is a bit a bolder but a classic red with a subtle impact.

3. Maybelline Baby ‘Pink Lolita’ Lips – I swipe this lip balm for soft and kissable lips.

MiniaturePerfumesI typically go with light and floral scents. Apart from Jo Malone, I like to keep these travel sized perfumes with me in my purse.

NailPolishI’m obsessed with nail polish from pastels to sparkly kinds and have fun experimenting with them. For this Halloween, I want to have a bit of a dark vibe but at the same time festive.

P.S. I’ll be posting some more of my other favorite nail polishes next week so stay tuned!