Shifted Inspiration

After being cooped up and having a pity party for weeks, I made the right decision to enjoy the little things, break my routine, and surround myself with things that make me feel happy and inspired. Despite weeks of hanging out in lounge clothes, I found myself slowly easing back into life without being too drastic and abrupt by hanging out with friends (one birthday, one gala, a few pow wows), breaking the routine and just going for new activities (um, hi fly yoga), and embracing the unknown future (a fun alternative project with J and E instead of just the 9-5 work). 1. I’m impressed I didn’t buy one of these on our trips to Seoul. 2. Work is more fun with this glitter cat pen 3. After reading Pablo Neruda, I got sentimental with my nails 4. A big fan of exercise that doesn’t feel like it 5. Postcard from Praha – a nice replacement from emails. I’ll be adding more fashion content so stay tuned.

DaftPunkHelmetsCatPenLoveNails  FlyYoga PrahaPostcard


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