Get Well like Her

The past few weeks, I’ve struggled with a heavy workload and a gnarly cold barely wanting to leave the house and zone out on the bed, at one point I was convinced my nose would fall off from overblowing and my throat permanently coarse. Honey, lemon, and tea is something I definitely recommend. With a newfound appreciation for health, I went out and bought some cheery flowers, have been cooking hearty meals, and literally relied on Game of Thrones back-to-back to get me through. Had I known earlier, I would get behind this 100%. I also squeezed in a romantic date with my boyfriend at the Jam Factory for Sunday brunch frolicking on the grass in my new shorts (pictures soon). Now that I’ve fully recovered, I can’t wait for the newly released season in early April. I hope you all enjoy the week ahead!

Blow torch Luna lounging Microdelivery-Peel-Philosophy Wild flowers Prada sunglasses


2 thoughts on “Get Well like Her

  1. Good to hear you feel better! But in the meantime, that certainly all sounded like an ideal way to treating yourself. I need to get on Game of Thrones! I believe this calls for a “sick day” for myself. xx

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