The Best Chocolate Lava Cake Ever

It’s no surprise that I can narrow down my favorite dessert to a molten chocolate lava cake (hence, the blog name). The seductive and rich dessert takes merely minutes to bake (most simple recipe of my life) and requires a handful of ingredients. Are you kidding me? For someone who doesn’t have any patience and the messiest organization skills, I had to give this recipe a try. In miniature ramekins, they were even more adorable and the center was a hint of magic leaving me wanting more. I whipped this up for me and my boyfriend. To my delight, he enjoyed it down to the last bite. We saved two for tomorrow (I made them in advance and refrigerated the little beauties) as well and it will taste even better the next day.  Small note: Make sure to flour and butter the moulds generously or they may not fall out easily onto the plate. I guarantee they are impossible to mess up since the center is supposed to be half baked.



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