Sushi and Sightseeing

If there’s one thing I miss most about Tokyo, it’s the sushi. Don’t get me wrong, I am just about happy with a cold pizza as the next girl but our sweet Japanese friends aka playful tour guides took us to a sushi restaurant that was simply perfect in Ginza (Beyond delicious, no words, it changed my life). Ryo had pink eye that night (we were all in the clear) but I was on a mission to discover this gem of a place only to later realize sadly that my favorite sushi restaurants in Bangkok had become quickly unappealing in taste and quality.

My thoughtful boyfriend surprised me by taking me to a sushi bar after having an exhausting day at work. I want to keep it a secret because it’s that good. And boy, was it melting in my mouth. That feeling when you’ve discovered your new favorite spot is always the best, no? It positively restored my faith in Japanese chefs in Bangkok. Sometimes all you need is a little pick me up to instantly feel better. Oh and I’ll also give you a hint to happiness I learned that evening, it doesn’t require money to dine at a high-end restaurant in countries far away but the simplest things in life can be found right where you are.



I went with the caterpillar and loved it, obviously. I felt the same way.


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